Lübbinchener Milch & Mast GbR

Founded in 1994
Total stock approx. 3,400 animals
Milking cows 2,013
Milk per day approx. 65,000 l
Total area 1,480 ha
Employees 70 from Germany, Poland & Uzbekistan

Lübbinchener Milch und Mast GbR is a modern, agricultural dairy farm in Lübbinchen/Schenkendöbern, near the German-Polish border. Spacious stable facilities and a top of the range milking carousel provide optimum comfort for the cows, and represents livestock farming which is appropriate for the species. The milk production is also certified in accordance with various quality standards, including “QM milk” and “Without genetic engineering”. 5 milk dispensing machines are supplied with fresh milk in the region every day. The biogas plant on the premises runs up to 100% on the basis of liquid manure. The energy that is generated is turned into electricity, powering up to 1,500 households annually, and some is used internally within the company. The milking centre and the social building are also provided with heat.

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Lübbinchener Milch und Mast GbR Summary